11 Reasons Why Your Home Isn’t Selling

Why is Your Home Not SellingI read an article about reasons why your home would not be selling and figured it was good timing to share it with you!  Since it is a seller’s market and inventory is SO low…the answer as to why your home would not be selling could fall within one (or multiple) of the eleven listed below:

  1. You overvalued your property.
  2. Your listing is poor.
  3. You’re always present at showings.
  4. You’re too attached.
  5. You haven’t had your home professionally cleaned.
  6. You haven’t staged your home.
  7. You kept up all of your personal decor.
  8. Your home improvements are too personalized.
  9. Your home is too cluttered.
  10. Your home is in need of too many repairs.
  11. You chose the wrong real estate agent (or you don’t have one at all, I’ll add).

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