Things to Think About Before Listing Your Home for Sale

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Listing your home for sale is a big deal and some things get very overwhelming leading us to miss the little things that make a big difference.  Here are a few cheap and easy tips to think about and do before listing your home for sale:

  1. Landscaping makes a difference!  If you see a home with neglected landscaping that is crazy overgrown or even a home with zero landscaping at all, you do not get as much of a home-y feel as you would with a home that has  just the right amount of flowering plants here and there.  Spring is right around the corner-add some plants in front of your porch or get a hanging basket or two to add some aesthetics.
  2. Stage, stage, stage.  No, I am not saying spend a bunch of money on moving your things out and paying someone to stage your home (unless you can afford that, then all the power to you).  Before taking photos of your home please, please, please think about what will be in those photos.  Little things like taking magnets off of your fridge and taking a few cooking supplies off of your counter for the photos will make it much more attractive to a consumer.  Don’t forget-the photos are the potential buyer’s first impression of your home.  Take your time!
  3. What does it smell like?  Be prepared for calls for showings on your home when you list it.  Take a whiff.  Does it smell like your kid just got home from practice?  Your dog just got back from doggie daycare?  If your home does not smell appealing, it will be all the potential buyers can focus on while touring your home.  Spend a couple of dollars on wall plug-in air fresheners, room spray and/or candles.  But, do not just cover up bad smells.  Get the carpet cleaned, wash your bed sheets (and dog-not right before showings, no one likes wet dog smell either), do laundry.  Opening windows and airing your home out before showings also can help rid of unwanted odor.
  4. Need to touch up?  As funny as this may sound, you don’t want your home to come off as too “lived in”.  A potential client wants the home to seem like someone has hardly lived there so they can see it as their own.  Touch up the areas the paint has chipped, power wash the siding and any other wear and tear areas.  Do this BEFORE you take the photos.

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5 Most Expensive Homes Sold in Frankfort in January

Out of 39 homes sold last month, these were the most expensive in Frankfort!

5. Pine Woods: Sold for $300,000              number1

4. Bentwoods: Sold for $305,000               number2

3. Rural Area: Sold for $340,000               number3

2. Stoneleigh: Sold for $535,000               DCIM100MEDIADJI_0623.JPG

1. Two Creeks: Sold for $606,000             number5

*All information researched through Lexington-Bluegrass Association of REALTORS®*

Residential Home Inventory

photo of neighborhood

If you are looking to purchase a home in the central Kentucky area, you may have noticed the lack of inventory (or available homes on the market).  It has made it considerably difficult for home buyers to find the home they love while trying to beat anyone else to it.  If you are a buyer make sure to have your ducks in a row before looking at homes, because once you come across the one you want to make an offer on you want to be ready so you don’t miss out.

While the current market may not look so great for home buyers, it is actually good for those trying to sell their home!  Now is the time to list your home for sale.  If you have a great real estate agent on your side and your home is priced right, your home may just stand out and sell quick!

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5 Most Expensive Homes Sold in December in Frankfort

Out of 50 homes sold this month, these were the most expensive in Frankfort!

1. Pine Woods: Sold for $271,475              1

2. Augusta: Sold for $294,145                    2

3. Rural Area: Sold for $296,000               3

4. Parkview Estates: Sold for $299,000  4

5. Heritage: Sold for $375,000                 5

*All information researched through Lexington-Bluegrass Association of REALTORS®*

Staging Tips for the Home Seller

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Selling can be overwhelming. You’re packing everything up, trying to make the house look pristine when all around you is what feels like chaos. Since buyers want that great first impression, you know it’s important to declutter—often that means cleaning until your home looks like it’s never been lived in. And while you’re rushing around, trying to find a new place for your items, it may seem like an impossible task.

Take a breather—it’s actually easier than you think. Here are four staging tips that are so easy they may not have even crossed your mind:

Decorate for the potential buyer. You know who this is because you were once this person! If you’re in a starter home neighborhood, the buyer will likely be a younger individual or couple who is looking for more space after cramped apartment living. Pick some trendy paint colors like lilac gray or muted pastels and keep the decor minimalistic and modern. Forget decorating a kid’s bedroom and opt for an office layout in the second bedroom instead.

If you’re looking to downsize from a, say, four-bedroom house on a cul-de-sac, you’re probably going to attract the family crowd. Emphasize your space by decorating according to their needs. Have a finished basement? Amp up the recreational feel with some movie theater loungers or make it a game room!

Think about your neighborhood as well. If you’re in walking distance to a dog park, you may find that your buyer has a furry roommate. If your home is near a highly-rated school, that’s also an indicator that kids may come with the package for whoever owns your home next.

Use resources. You don’t have to take on this process all by yourself. Rent a storage unit so you don’t have to worry about hiding away your must-keeps. This way, these items are already neatly packed away and ready for your new home, and they won’t get in the way of a buyer who isn’t looking to see how bad your shopping addiction is.

Additionally, hire a cleaning company. You can find some relatively affordable options, and this will help you stay stress-free throughout the process. Once it’s clean, all you have to worry about is keeping it that way!

Focus on the small accessories. Take a tour of your own home, but with fresh eyes. What do you see that stands out as grungy, old and just a complete turn-off? This can be anything from a sticky, splattered garbage bin that needs a good cleaning to your shower curtain which has a dense layer of soap scum that’s going to scare even the bravest buyers away. Replace any small accessories that won’t cost you a fortune, and clean anything that can look like new with some TLC.

Use your nose. Again, take a tour of your home, but this time focus on what you’re smelling. A better option might be to find a friend or family member who can volunteer to do this for you—someone who doesn’t live with you or isn’t over all the time. Identify the sources of odor in your home and figure out a solution. The last thing you want is for a buyer to come in and quickly be hit by an unpleasant smell.

The cleaning and decluttering should help with this, but there are other things you can do to ensure your home is a breath of fresh air:

  • Open up the windows! Let your home air out for an hour or two.
  • Light some candles to freshen up the rooms.
  • Bake a cake or some cookies right before a potential buyer comes over.

Staging can be easy if you just put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. It is, however, more than just moving around furniture and putting away the excess items. Think back to the tour you took yourself before buying this home. What stood out to you—both good and bad? Think about how it all impacts the senses. Of course, trends change, but the overall feeling of clean and tidy is always the first thing people notice. And customizing your home with some easy staging tricks can make a big difference!

This article was written by Liz Dominguez and published by RIS Media July 2019

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