NextHome in the Community

At NextHome Custom Realty, we love being able to connect with our local community.  We do so by participating in local events, joining clubs/organizations and interacting on social media.

Bridgeport (2)
Carol reading to 2nd graders at Bridgeport Elementary School.
Carol interacting with a student at Bridgeport Elementary School.
Carol reading to a large group at Westridge Elementary School.

Most recently our broker and owner, Carol Smith, decided to visit with different elementary schools in Frankfort and read to 1st and 2nd graders.  LBAR (Lexington-Bluegrass Association of REALTORS®) provides the book and she takes the initiative to meet with the children and create a fun, interactive environment.  Carol said that her favorite part about the experience is seeing the excitement on their faces while she was reading to them.  She explained how when she would ask questions they would all be so so eager to answer and contribute.  Once she reads to the children, the book is donated to that school’s library.

Being involved with members of the community, even our young ones, is such an important factor in how we go about our real estate business.  Our values reflect in our actions.  We do not believe in waiting for clients to come to us, find/sell a home, collect commission and move on.  NextHome Custom Realty has more feeling in the business, hence the word “custom” in our name.  We ask, we listen, and we deliver.  Real estate transactions are one of, if not the biggest transaction people complete.  It’s an important and time consuming task.  We focus on building relationships and trust and proving that our custom strategies are like no other.

We would love to see you out and about at different events and hear from you on social media as well!  We post about events on our Facebook page and on this blog, so stay up-to-date!  You can also find us on Instagram as @nexthomecustomrealty.

Check us out and see why we are your neighborhood REALTORS®.


Making an Offer to Purchase a Property


After all the time searching for the perfect property, you’ve finally found THE ONE.  Now what?

Making an offer to purchase a property is not a step in the home buying process to take lightly.  Just because you submitted an offer through your real estate agent does not necessarily mean it’s yours.  Keep in mind that the seller does not have to accept your offer if they think it’s too low or contains too many contingencies compared to other offers etc.  They can either accept, decline, or make a counteroffer.

The price listed on the home that the seller and their agent decided on is called the asking price.  This is not a set in stone number, this is when the power of negotiation comes into play.  You should decide on the price your are offering based on help from your real estate agent.  One of the great things about using a licensed agent is that they have access to previous and current home sales that you may hear be called “comparables” or “comps”.  Hopefully the listing agent used these to help the seller determine the listing/asking price and it should not be too far off.  A couple other things you should use to consider the in offer is the current condition of the home and the market conditions in the economy at the time.  If it’s a buyer’s market, you may be in luck and have more of what economists call “buying power” and more room to negotiate.

I will drop this link to a checklist of making an offer so you can see the different steps.  Make sure when you are sitting down about to make an offer on a property, that you are truly ready.  This is ultimately your decision and no one should push you to make the purchase.  This is a legally binding document and a big commitment if accepted, do this on your time!  Remember every case is not the same, and working with an licensed real estate agent will help reduce risk and help the process go over smoothly and (hopefully) successfully.

A Home Buyer’s Toolbox

          “Buying a home is a piece of cake”-said NO ONE ever If you are thinking about purchasing a new home, you’re in the right place to start!  Our website is an amazing place for all things buying (and selling, but we are focusing on home buyers for this blog 🙂 […]

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Have you seen us use the hashtag “#HumansOverHouses” ?  An article came out about our brokerage that just might give you insight as to why we use it.  RISMedia, the leader in real estate information, interviewed the CEO, James Dwiggins, of NextHome for their September magazine.  It is titled, Humanizing Real Estate: How NextHome Bridges […]

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Moving With Kids

          For the majority of home buyers, finding the right property is the most difficult step.  Searching for a home when you have children makes it even more strenuous.  The filter tab gets more specific and the number of homes available in your search perimeters get smaller and smaller.  According to the National […]

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