Zillow: Clearing the Air


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This is a short blog to help consumers become more educated during their property search.

Many of you may use Zillow for your home/property search.  What many of you are not aware of is that when you ask for more information about a property it is going to send your information to an agent and it is not usually the listing agent (the one representing the seller of the home you are interested in).

This is actually a good thing for both you as a buyer and for the agent you are being connected to.  If you were being connected directly to the agent that is representing the seller, they would be looking to do what they can for their seller-if you know what I mean.  This is why in a transaction in real estate there is usually a buyer agent and a listing agent, each representing their clients’ best interests.

I understand a lot of people assume you are going to be connected directly with the listing agent and may not know the downsides to this.  It is confusing that Zillow does not say who it is you are being directed to so I figured this would be helpful so you are prepared when inquiring about a property.

So, when another agent answers the phone or responds to your message-do not run away!  It is good for you in the long run as a buyer!

If you are already working with an agent outside of your Zillow searches, I recommend that if you find a place of interest you send the address to your agent to help you with it so you are not connected with someone new.  Still need an agent?  Contact one of our awesome REALTORS® to discuss what they can do for you!