Big things are happening at NextHome Custom Realty!

For weeks we have been preparing for our cable TV commercial.  You heard it right; your local, neighborhood REALTORS® are hitting the big screen soon.  Tomorrow, July 26th, we will be filming with the Frankfort Plant Board!  Woop Woop!

In filming this commercial, we are able to tell our story of who we are and what we stand for, our REALTORS® and our drive to serve others!  Our progressive brokerage is always looking for opportunities to help serve our clients and licensees in the best ways we can!  From our marketing strategies and customized services to the technologies we have available and 40+ years of experience, what we do and what we have done is always for the interests of our clients and helping our REALTORS® grow their careers in the industry.  The more we can do for you, the better we will be as a brokerage.

With that being said, a big thank you is owed to all of our supporters.  Whether you bought or sold with us, attended events, follow us on social media, are currently working with us or even just read our blogs- you are appreciated!

So, keep an eye out for familiar faces when you are watching your favorite shows or movies on cable TV.  You will be able to follow our progress behind the scenes on our Instagram story; find us at @nexthomecustomrealty.  Once it begins to air, we would love to hear if you have seen the commercial, snap a quick picture and tag us on Instagram or Facebook!