Making an Offer to Purchase a Property


After all the time searching for the perfect property, you’ve finally found THE ONE.  Now what?

Making an offer to purchase a property is not a step in the home buying process to take lightly.  Just because you submitted an offer through your real estate agent does not necessarily mean it’s yours.  Keep in mind that the seller does not have to accept your offer if they think it’s too low or contains too many contingencies compared to other offers etc.  They can either accept, decline, or make a counteroffer.

The price listed on the home that the seller and their agent decided on is called the asking price.  This is not a set in stone number, this is when the power of negotiation comes into play.  You should decide on the price your are offering based on help from your real estate agent.  One of the great things about using a licensed agent is that they have access to previous and current home sales that you may hear be called “comparables” or “comps”.  Hopefully the listing agent used these to help the seller determine the listing/asking price and it should not be too far off.  A couple other things you should use to consider the in offer is the current condition of the home and the market conditions in the economy at the time.  If it’s a buyer’s market, you may be in luck and have more of what economists call “buying power” and more room to negotiate.

I will drop this link to a checklist of making an offer so you can see the different steps.  Make sure when you are sitting down about to make an offer on a property, that you are truly ready.  This is ultimately your decision and no one should push you to make the purchase.  This is a legally binding document and a big commitment if accepted, do this on your time!  Remember every case is not the same, and working with an licensed real estate agent will help reduce risk and help the process go over smoothly and (hopefully) successfully.

Military Relocation Professionals


Did you know there are people trained to be Military Relocation Professionals (MRP) in real estate?  This person is specialized in working with current and retired military service members.

According to the National Association of REALTORS®, “the MRP certification program educates REALTORS® about working with U.S. service members and their families and veterans to find the housing solutions that best suit their needs and to take full advantage of available benefits and support.”

Using a MRP will provide you with special tools and resources other REALTORS® or real estate agents do not have access to.  They also have more in-depth knowledge of VA loans (to the extent their expertise allows, you should always consult a loan specialist) and know what it takes to find the perfect housing situation for a military service member.

We actually have a MRP in our family of NextHomies, Garth Vinson.  Not only does he carry this designation behind his name, but he has served his time in the military.   What better way to get the right real estate service as a member of the military than to get it from someone who understands first hand your needs!

As a veteran owned business, we fully support and are honored to be able to work with our service members.

Market Update

Market Update

Hey folks, if you have been wondering if you should sell your house or not, wonder no more!  Now is the time, it’s a seller’s market.

According to the Lexington Association of REALTORS®, there has been a decrease in home inventory of 13%.  Houses that are listed are flying off the market given the low inventory.  Home sales are up from last year about 4%.  Buyers have less flexibility when it comes to timing, pricing and options available.

This is good news for sellers!  This means you have more power when it comes to getting the most for your home in the market provided.  Your next step is to view our Seller’s page, where we provide essential property selling information.  If you have questions on any of the material or would like to speak to one of our REALTORS® regarding the selling of your house call us at 502.223.3553 or email at


NextHome Named on the 2019 Inc. 5000 List



“Why NextHome?”  The answers just never end!  Our franchise was just named on Inc. magazine’s 5000 List of America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies. WHOOP WHOOP!

NextHome Inc. was founded in 2014, launched in 2015 and has not stopped growing since.  The 5 year old company has been placed on a list where well known companies like Microsoft, Dell, Pandora, LinkedIn and others were placed, HOW COOL.

Ranking at #1897 on the list, the company had growth of 212% over three years.  This number speaks volume to how hard the NextHome teams across the country work to provide clients with service unlike others-with innovative technology, modern style and consumer-centered business practices.

It is an honor to be part of a brokerage that has an amazing corporate team that provides only the best services for their agents.  We recognize the changes in the real estate industry and work one step ahead to ensure a selling and/or buying experience that only NextHome can provide.  This is just another reason why being a NextHomie in the real estate industry is a step in the right direction for your career!

Are you NEXT?