A Home Buyer’s Toolbox

          “Buying a home is a piece of cake”-said NO ONE ever If you are thinking about purchasing a new home, you’re in the right place to start!  Our website is an amazing place for all things buying (and selling, but we are focusing on home buyers for this blog 🙂 […]

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Local Moving Companies


Entrusting a moving company is a decision you do not want to rush into.  They will be doing all of the heavy lifting for you, which is great!  But, they also will be the ones carrying the china cabinet handed down from generation to generation and that kitchen table you have tried not to get one scratch on for all these years.  I compiled a list of a few well-known moving companies below and a link to information about them.  Check out their reviews, see if they offer anything in case of an accident etc.  Plan ahead!

My point is don’t choose just any moving company that you see driving down the highway-although it may help to watch that they aren’t driving like maniacs!  I hope this helps and gets you moving in the right direction.

Are You Settling For Less in Real Estate?

You are driving around looking for “For Sale” signs in yards. Suddenly you come across a home that seems like it could be the one. Sound familiar? Keep reading. On the sign, you see the name and contact information of a real estate agent. What do you do? If you answered with “Call the agent, duh,” this article […]

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