Celebrating the Holidays Safely in 2020

Ideas on how to celebrate the holidays safe

As we close out 2020, we can all have hope that our lives will soon return to normal, but for this holiday season, families are faced with the challenge of celebrating safely. Here are some ideas for making the most out of this holiday season while keeping your loved ones healthy.

Go with simple as a theme. Cutting back on gift giving and holiday activities will cut down the time you and your family spend exposing yourself to crowded shopping centers and other venues. You will benefit by having more down time to enjoy decorating, baking, or watching movies with your family.

Shop early. Avoid crowds by shopping earlier than usual and taking advantage of online shopping. Shopping early will also help you avoid unwanted stress and increase your enjoyment of the season.

Skip the Party Circuit. Avoid large gatherings and indoor get-togethers. Instead of feeling like you are missing out by skipping a party, spend the time talking with family or friends on the phone, or doing something special at home with family members.

Celebrate Outdoors Whenever Possible. When weather permits, take your celebrating outside. Arrange a driveway happy hour with neighbors, socially distanced caroling or neighborhood scavenger hunt.

Stage some friendly competition. To take the place of neighborhood or family gatherings, stage some fun virtual competitions. Categories may include tree decorating, gingerbread house building, gift-wrapping skills, and carol singing. Participating families can submit their entry photos or videos for everyone to vote on.

Plan Secret Santa Activities. Instead of getting together for cocktails or dinners with friends and coworkers, play Secret Santa and drop off cookies, a crock of soup, or homemade pet treats to your friends’ doorsteps. You may create a tradition you continue for years to come.

Take Care of Yourself. This unprecedented time has caused many people to suffer from stress, anxiety, or depression, so whenever possible, exercise self care. Even though the holiday season is a time we usually focus on others, it’s important to care for your own needs. Take time to rest, meditate, exercise, and get enough sleep.

Check in with Relatives Often. You may not be able to gather as a family this year, but you can spend quality time with relatives virtually. Arrange weekly Zoom or FaceTime calls, have your children draw pictures and write letters to their elderly relatives, or plan online family game nights with your extended family.

Holiday Open House


To show our appreciation for friends, family, members of the community, and current and past clients we are opening our office doors for everyone to enjoy a joyful holiday event.  Don’t miss our Holiday Open House on December 17th from 5 pm to 7 pm.  This is a perfect time to jingle and mingle with friends and neighbors in our community, so come one-come all!  There will be food and fun for everyone.  We just ask that you please RSVP as soon as possible and by December 10th so we will have enough food and goodies for everyone to enjoy.

RSVP at 502.223.3553 or at office.nexthome@gmail.com with the number people coming!

Location: 1801 Louisville Road, Frankfort KY

Time: 5 pm to 7 pm