Corona Virus Proof Your Home

Cleaning a home

The risk is still low, but there are still ways to prepare your house for a possible outbreak in the U.S.  Follow the link HERE to get a list of the supplies to stock up on and how to clean your house to keep the bad germs out.

In my opinion, the media has exaggerated this entire situation to where people are scared to do anything at the moment.  It worries me that people are going to be so paranoid that they end up taking space at the emergency rooms and taking all of the medicine in stores, which will then cause the people who truly need it to pay the price.  The flu has had a much larger affect on people than this virus has, but the media does a great job at scaring people (how else will they get people to watch the news if they say everything is A-OK)?  I provided the above link to the article to help some people be at ease and find some tips if they want to go this route.

Have a great week and wash your hands, folks! 🙂